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Helium® transforms Savings and Loans website


Savings and Loans credit union possessed a website managed by a cumbersome content management system (CMS) The CMS was restrictive as for most maintenance they had to go back to the developer for support which was costly and time consuming. The website navigation was inconsistent, and some areas of the website were not updated. Savings and Loans wanted to keep their website looking the same, just have more control over editing it themselves. They were also keen to run multiple websites and micro sites for special events, affiliated businesses and promotional events.


Helium® was deployed to provide the Savings and Loans team with an easy to use CMS while keeping the existing site’s presentation in place. Helium® can easily satisfy this need as it separates websites into three distinct layers; website coding, presentation and content. This means that at a later date the presentation can easily be changed without affecting the content. With Helium® you create content then assign it to a page, this means you can assign the content to multiple pages, even multiple websites. This has a major advantage when the content needs to be updated; you only have to do it once, not every instance where it occurs. Behind the scenes Helium® enables the Savings and Loans team to happily add, edit and publish content themselves.


Customers have not been disrupted by the change

Savings and Loans team can create promotional microsites

A seamless transition has taken place improving work processes behind the scenes

Savings and Loans team are empowered through Helium®’s ease of use

Improvements have been made to the site’s navigational structure and functionality

Reduced website maintenance costs

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The website’s structural navigation was tided up to include a sub navigational structure enabling one click access to any part of the website.

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A service locator was added to the site so that members could find out where their closest ATM is.

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Savings and Loans have added extra functionality to their site utilising Helium’s campaign manager.

Solution Highlights
  • In-site Search Module
  • Subscription Module
  • Content Editor Training
  • Content Migration
  • Contextual Enquiries
  • Dynamic Sitemap
  • Legacy Application Integration
  • Multi Site Solution
  • Structured Content Schemas
Technical Spec
  • .NET
  • SSL
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • .ASP
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Savings and Loans is one of Australia’s largest member owned credit unions with 160,000 members and over $1 billion in assets. They have been putting member service ahead of profits since 1949.
Savings and Loans required a CMS that could transform their website maintenance process without altering the presentation of their website.

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